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So when is the best time to look for a reputable Lilburn plumber?  Not when you have an emergency!

Unfortunately most people don’t even consider using or locating a qualified plumber until a pipe is broken, a toilet overflows, or maybe a hot water heater fails.  This is exactly what most emergency oriented plumbers want you to do.  Their rates can be as much as double as that of an everyday plumber.  Of course, the emergency plumbers are normally on call 24/7 to make the big bucks.

Here are a few tips on the do’s and don’ts for selecting a plumber.

1 Always try to get a name of a Marietta area plumber from one of your neighbors or friends as a first recourse.  Ask them about:

  • Did they show up on time?
  • Were they clean?
  • Did they clean up after the service?
  • What were their rates?
  • Did they provide a follow up routine?

2   Try to get a name from your local Marietta real estate agent or their maintenance people.  Most real estate people have good connections with reputable and price competitive plumbers.

3   Talk to a builder or remodeler in your area.  Their recommendations may not be good for emergencies. Their plumber connections are usually those who specialize in new and home improvement installations.

4  Use a home improvement and repair directory to locate a plumber in the Marietta area.   When calling, be sure to first tell them if you have an emergency.  Ask them how soon they will be able to respond.  There is nothing worse than going through a phone interview only to find out they can’t get to your emergency until tomorrow!

5 One of the best ways to find out how reputable or capable a plumber might be is to call and see if someone actually answers the phone.  If you leave a message, only leave your first name, number, and reason for the call.  They should call you back within 10-15 min or sooner if they truly care about earning your business.

6 Always ask if the plumber is licensed as may be required in the Lilburn area.  Don’t be afraid to ask for their Lilburn area plumbing license number.

7 Make sure the plumber has insurance to cover any unfortunate accidents that might occur during the plumbing service.

8   Get a price, if possible, to perform the work you need done.  Most Lilburn plumbers can give you a rough order of magnitude before they begin work.  Remember that plumbing work that requires tear out of walls, ceilings, and floors can be somewhat tricky to provide a price because they won’t know the extent of the damage until they get to where it is.  Also, the cost to repair the walls, ceilings, and floors, are normally not included in the plumber’s service.

9   Lastly, ask how they cover their workmanship and products used for the installation and repair.  What warranty do they provide and how quickly will they respond to problems should they arise.

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